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Afghan Crochet

Crocheting is a craft of making fabric out of yarns, threads and other materials with the use of a hook. Crocheting is claimed to have originated during the 1800s but people believe that it existed during much earlier times. Some people believe that crochet existed in some of the places in Arabia, China and the Americas.

Crochet as we know it, is done by making a slip-knot loop and by pulling a second loop through this loop. The process is repeated until a chain is created. Patterns are made by hooking the loops together.

There is a variation of crochet that is very popular and it is called the afghan crochet.

Afghan crotchet is also known as Tunisian crochet. This kind of crocheting uses an elongated hook which is equipped with a stopper on the end which the handle is located. This is what people call as the Afghan hook.

In employing the afghan crochet method, the rows are worked in two halves. The first half of the rows is done from right going to the left while the other one is worked from left towards the right. The pattern is never turned as compared to other forms of crocheting.

After one has done the starting chain, the beginning row is done by inserting the afghan hook through the chain. This pulls a loop from the yarn and the hook is inserted to the next chain. This is done without having the loop off the hook. After one has been able to finish a row, she will have the same number of loops and the number of stitches across. The other half of the row, one will work the loops off the afghan hook.


There are a lot of afghan crochet patterns that one can choose from. Each and every pattern has a different technique and personality that goes with it. This article tries to give some resources about free afghan crochet patterns. Here are some of them.

Medallion Strips

This is an afghan pattern which consists of strips which were crocheted as a medallion pattern. This is an example of what one might call as a “patchwork crochet,” wherein strips are done individually but are later sewn together. A wool or acrylic yarn is best for this kind of pattern.

Baby Afghan

This is a pattern which can be used for babies' fabric. This is a very easy pattern to develop and can be done in a few hours. The colors can be changed to suit what the parent wants or if the baby is a boy or a girl.

This is a pattern which uses the granny square pattern. One must do six round of white and one round blue. Put these two together in a checkerboard pattern. One can use a whip stitch to be able to join the squares. After one has been able to join all the squares, she should then have a small blanket. This is usually around 3 by 4 squares.

Afghan Medallion

These eyer colorful medallion looking patterns which are made out of afghan patterns. These medallions are laced

Beefy V

This is an afghan crochet fabric that is suitable as gifts for men. These are long enough to cover one's toes and has enough width to embrace the body. This is done using a worsted-weighted yarn.

There are a lot of afghan crochet patterns out there that crocheters can utilize. One can buy different resource books about afghan crochet. These resources can be very helpful for people who would want to pursue afghan crochet. However, the best choice for afghan crochet enthusiasts would be the Internet. The Internet contains a lot of resources about crocheting in general and afghan crocheting as well. There are sites which contains pictures and step-by-step ways of developing afghan patterns.

Some of the websites which contain information on crochet patterns are :

This website contains different pattern collections. It also features some crochet techniques and basics. There are also other patterns which are features such as flower garden crochet, wheels doilies and afghan medallions.

This website contains a free crochet pattern index. Although it doesn't contain as much information as its counterparts, it still contains substantive information about crocheting.

It contains different patterns and easy-to-follow methods for crocheting.

Those were some sites which contain crochet patterns. One can use search engines to find millions of resources out there about crocheting in the Internet.

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